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Record hike-the price of fuel shows no mercy towards public

Record hike-the price of fuel shows no mercy towards public

 India is witnessing the all time hight price of patrol and disel.The recent hike in the price of petrol and disel brought a big concern towards the public of india.This hike took the price of petrol to RS-99.51 in the capital of  india while Diesel price rise up to RS-89.36 . following the trend ,the rest of the big cities of india like Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata also witnessed the hike .The prices of fuel in the major cities after the hike are as Follows:-


     Mumbai         105.58                      96.91

     Chennai          100.53                     93.91

     Kolkata           99.45                       92.27

Generally, in india two major and common factors influence the price of petrol and disel. First, the tax that goverment implies on petroleum prodects and second factor is the price of crude oil in the international market. 

Asked about the recent continues price hikes of petrol and diesel, Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister 'Dharmendra pridhan ' Blamed the recent hike in global crude oil prices. He says that crude oil price has gone over USD $ 70 (per berrel) in the international market which negatively impacts consumers over here as india imports 80% of its oil recurment. He also shares his opinion regirding including the petroleum products in the radious of GST, which according to him should be included. 

Notably, Pradhan also slams earlier congress goverment for the price hike of Petrol and Diesel. The minister said that the earlier  congress goverment had left oil bonds worth crores for repayment, which is why the current BJP goverment has to pay both its interest and principal price. The minister further said that "I accept that current fuel price are problematic for people but goverment have spent Rs-35000cr for the covid vaccination and govemet is saving money to spend on welfare schemes"

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